Adla Aluminium Extrusion, S.A.

Recently created, Adla is the result of years of experience in the aluminium manufacturing and transformation industry. Adla headquarters are currently under deployment at the Zona Industrial da Lameira, Celorico de Basto, Portugal, where the main production facility will also be installed. Adla core is all about aluminium, from extrusion, anodizing and powder coating to the thermal break aluminium solutions manufacture.

The undergoing installation will be equipped with one extrusion press with 2.5Ktons of pressure, the ability to extrude up to 800 tons per month with sizes up to 320mm by 20mm and up to 25 Kg per meter puts this press in a class by itself.

The thermal break aluminium profile assembly line will be fully automated enabling high throughput with unmatchable quality. Compared to traditional assembly systems this assembly line is more cost effective. This assembly line is able to output up to 364km per month.

Innovative at its core Adla is developing an impressive array of ground breaking quality control systems. Already under production, the state of the art, 3D laser measurement system will be able to analyze even occluded parts of a profile.

Project, Environment and Quality Policy


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Zona Industrial da Lameira Lote 1/15
Apartado 33
4820-840 Rego, Celorico de Basto

O 8º 4' 42.7''

N 41º 26' 35.3''